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Jugglerz with the Red Bull Soundclash Trophy

Chart-topping producers and international soundsystem Jugglerz triumphed over German hip hop legends Fünf Sterne Deluxe at YUCA Club in Cologne, on 18th of October 2019.

In the entertaining one-on-one Red Bull Soundclash, clash-kings Jugglerz took two of three rounds as well as the Dub Fi Dub in a fiery battle. DJ Meska, Shotta Paul, DJ Smo, and Cutlass representing Jugglerz set the jam-packed location on fire with pointed speeches and hilarious specials by Serani, Gyptian or Ward 21 and more. Using a sound level meter, the party mob decided with the loudest forward who won a round. The hip hop heads in the crowd represented heavily, but of course Jugglerz convinced the entire massive with its unique dancehall-rooted entertainment and eventually was crowned the winner.

This event ignites excitement for the next episode of the Red Bull Soundclash, when Jugglerz will clash again, this time in Munich against rapstar Chefket plus soundsystem, on Thursday 7th of November

Jugglerz on stage at Red Bull Soundclash Berlin


Watch the aftermovie of the event here on our Instagram.