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  1. Bladesoulclasses

    Typical, offering people a service they do not want, people are happy with their old radios, why do people have to be forced to move to a new platform , just because a new one exists and is „modern therefore automatically better ? Why for a change can“t people just get what they want ? and that is to keep listening to FM radio on their good working old analogue radios. Why in the E.U are we so willing to continue to be dictated to ? this would not happen in the USA where people still listen to AM radio because it works, covers long distances and people want it. I pay a (forced license fee) for our local broadcaster (RTE) here in Ireland of 160 Euro“s per year and I do not want these idiots telling me how I should or should not listen to my media. Now their policy is a „digital First policy to provide us with wonderful streaming media, in other words they“re telling me they way they want it and not the other way around. Luckily though there is no plans to ditch FM any time soon as they see the failure it“s been in other countries and there is no drive from private broadcasters to change because FM works and if it“s not broke then don“t fix it just because you can. I accept that there is a need for certain digital content mainly TV and it is convenient when you want to catch up on a TV program but when out and about or in the car or even at home I do not want to be attached to my mobile phone or the internet to listen to radio. blade soul classes

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