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The future is now: the curated playlists of the popular Jugglerz Dancehall Radioshow are now on Spotify: http://playlists.jugglerz.de


[Stuttgart/Stockholm] Always doing that extra mile for the music business, German Reggae and Dancehall Icons Jugglerz have now introduced their weekly Radioshow playlists on their spotify account „jugglerzrecords“! This helps the listeners in finding the latest music pre-selected by world famous DJs Dj Meska and Shotta Paul while at the same time producers and artists get back something for their work since Spotify actually pays the creators of music.
With the help of two tech-witty fans of the Show, Jelko Arnds and Radiojunkie1, the independent online radio Jugglerz makes this bold move into the future of music and gives the fans one of the first curated set of Reggae playlists on Spotify!
Update your spotify now and follow Jugglerz.
You’re welcome!