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Watch the full video of Europe’s biggest Dancehall Soundclash:

War Ina East 2015, Black Chiney (USA) vs Jugglerz (GER) in Berlin on April 4, 2015.

In Europe’s biggest Dancehall Soundclash at the sold out Club Yaam in Berlin, Dancehall Icons Bobby Chin and Willy Chin from Miami competed against Jugglerz, the youngest international Sound from Germany.

Some people expected it all the way, but a lot of people were surprised: after losing the first two rounds DJ Meska and Shotta Paul proved their highly advanced soundkilling skills and won over the big favourite from Miami, Florida.

The young German Soundsystem clearly proved themselves as soundkillers and created history by winning an international one on one soundclash after only three years in existance. With unique Dubplates and creative speeches, Shotta Paul and DJ Meska managed to win over the crowd, parts of which were booing in biasness even before the young German sound started to play.

It was all drama and exitement through the clash, with some of the most spectacular dubplates, remixes and counteractions played by Jugglerz. Black Chiney seemed to have fired off all their ammunition in the first two rounds and tried to rely on their class in the later rounds – but were completely disassembled by the explosive Jugglerz.

In the Dub Fi Dub Finale the argument again came to the point that young Jugglerz had to prove that they can play foundation artists, which was pointed out as their weakness by Black Chiney. Yet Jugglerz bravely defended their grounds with authentic soundkilling material and also introduced a young artist as a future foundation artist.

=> Great entertainment, exciting soundclashing and also an inspiring lesson for all ambitious young selectors!

Watch it youself: the entire Dancehall Soundclash from the first round to the dub fi dub finale in an exiting edit!

This is Soundclash history!