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Mix up: the video that says it all! Damion Dillingy and Keithy from Bass Odyssey and Shotta Paul and Dj Meska from Jugglerz discuss what happened at the dance in London on May 23rd, 2015 – hosted by Uk Dancehall Celebrity Splackavelli.

The dance named „Champions In Session“ was advertised with the motto „anything can happen“. So throughout the dance the young Jugglerz Sound from Germany threw a few musical punches at Bass Odyssey, one for not giving them a chance when they were lesser known in the business. The dance climaxed in a tune fi tune juggling where Jugglerz again fired a few musical shots at the legendary sound from Jamaica, much to the delight of the present audience.

Jugglerz Sound is the upcoming international sound from Europe. With only three years in existence they can already claim of having beaten Black Chiney from Miami in a Soundclash as well as shutting off both Tony Matterhorn and Killamanjaro in Jamaica.