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The night of Saturday October 27th, 2012 witnessed the biggest forward in Dancehall history! Popular Dancehall-DJs Shotta Paul and Dj Meska were playing alongside Stingray Sound and the Keep It Real Crew in Southern Germany at Club Douala, Ravensburg. The vibes were hot and the crowd was enjoying themselves. At exactly 3 am in the morning DJ Meska mixed in a tune and suddenly the club literally exploded: People were cheering, shouting, had their hands in the air and were completely going nuts. DJ Meska pulled back the song, meaning he wanted to play it again from the start. But the vibes were so great that suddenly not just the song got pulled back.

Download the audio here: http://www.sendspace.com/file/00kwpl

The earth shook, houses were crashing in, thunder and lightnings pierced through the dark skies: the world started to move backwards. The forward was so tremendous that the entire world got pulled up and standard time was put back for exactly one hour! Scientific institutes confirm the phenomenon: in central Europe the time was put back for one hour in the night from Saturday to Sunday. And all because of DJ Meska and Shotta Paul’s biggest forward ever! The DJs started back their set as they had begun at 2 am and now were restarting at 2 am. You can listen back this incredible once-in-a-lifetime situation on the audio recording. The world got pulled back for one hour with the biggest forward ever! DJ Meska and Shotta Paul – supernatural juggling. 🙂