BIG SHOUT OUT TO YOU!! 🙌 Your energy shot "Pitch Out" straight to di edge of 1 MILLION streams on Spotify! 💪🎉 Now, get ready fi di sequel – "Liff Up" about to touch road December 8th, and the vibe is UNREAL!! 🚀💥
We can't thank you enough for the overwhelming support on "Pitch Out." It's your passion that makes these moments possible. From the heart of the streets to your playlists, you're the driving force behind our journey. Ready for the raw, unapologetic energy of "Liff Up” - This ain't just a song; it's a testament to the power of the streets and the undying spirit of Dancehall. Let's keep pushing boundaries and making history together! 🌐🎶 Save the date & pre save the song now to help save Dancehall – December 8th – because we're about to create waves that resonate worldwide. Bless up! 🙏🌍
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HAPPY SUNDAY! Lemme get right to it: FAM, get ready - Jugglerz Radio will be making a triumphant return on Twitch soon, bringing you the illest sounds and vibes straight to your screens! 🔥 While we prep for the epic comeback, we've got something special for you – DJ Smo's 'Dancehall New Wave 🌊 2023' Playlist!
This ain't your regular playlist; it's a sonic journey crafted with precision, featuring the freshest tracks and hidden gems you won't find anywhere else. 🎶💎 Join us in redefining the Dancehall experience, SAVE DANCEHALL with us!

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🎉 EXCLUSIVE ALERT 🚨 - 20:15 UHR!!!

Big up, fam! Just dropped in to give you a heads up – I'll be LIVE and direct on Jugglerz Radio's Twitch TONIGHT at 8:15 PM for a spontaneous session! You know how we do – it's gonna be vibes, good music, and good people.

So, clear your schedule, spread the word, and come catch the energy with me. Trust me; you don't wanna miss this one! Let's link up and make some musical memories together. See you there! 🎶🔥 #JugglerzRadio #LiveSession #GoodVibes
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Da one deh SLAP DIFFERENT!! 💸 OH MY!!!!!!
Brace yourself!!!!! For a never before heard blend of raw, modern dancehall vibes fused with crazy pulsating 808s and drum patterns that hit harder than Tyson in his prime! Smo & Reid with the usual Sauce, Konz with the crazy Vocals 💸

This track is a bona fide celebration of the good life, where ballers and go-getters seize every opportunity to enjoy life to the fullest. Konshens and his crew don't hold back as they paint a vivid picture of lavish nights at the club, popping bottles, surrounded by beautiful people who are just as ready to make memories as they are.

💸 "Me just blow a bag, By a mawnin I'm makin' it back" 💸
But it's not just about flaunting wealth; it's about the hustle and drive that fuels their success. Konshens lays down the truth that money is a tool, and they know how to put it to work. This powerful message resonates with anyone who understands the importance of grinding hard, making sacrifices, and reaping the rewards.
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