Monday, November 4th!!!
Back on schedule its time for another Episode of THE SMOOO SHOOWWWW,
your favourite Dancehall podcast!! Join us LIVE on Monday, the 4th at 9pm
right here on jugglerz.de and make sure you download the JUGGLERZ APP to
your iPhone/Android!!

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We’re getting ready to drop our second Album!!!
"Jugglerz Radio" will be out and BADD on November 1st!!

We are really excited but also been super busy working
on the release, thats why this month' episode dropped
kinda late-ish but AAAAANNYWAAYY.. we back at it again,
the hottest n hypest songs, bunch of talk talk talk and
the usual amount of fuckery and badnesss...

.. ITS THE SMO SHOW!! on jugglerzradio.com !!!

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