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The video is finally here! Make sure you kick off the new year the right way – with SOME GOOD VIBES!!
Happy new year to everyone, leaving you with this until we see each other again! AM FEELING GOOD.. GOOD GOOD GOOD!!

>>> Download here

In a groundbreaking fusion of talents, DJ Smo and Reid Waters have linked up with the legendary dancehall dynamo, Chi Ching Ching, to unleash „FEEL GOOD“, a track destined to set the world ablaze. Building on the rhythmic heartbeat of Jamaican and Brazilian streets and the irresistible urge to move, „FEEL GOOD“ captures the very essence of what dancehall represents. Anchored by a hypnotic trumpet sample and an impossible to put into words FEEL GOOD VIBE, the song showcases Chi Ching Ching’s unmatched lyrical Energy! DJ Smo, known for blending original dancehall patterns with modern sounds from the worlds of trap, baile funk, and basically ANYTHING THAT KNOCKS, masterfully crafts the production. Together with Reid Waters, the Miami LINK, the duo delivers a fusion that’s as refreshing as it is nostalgic. The song’s mantra, „I FEEL GOOD!“, captures the song’s simple, fun nature, poised to set social media, radio waves, and dancefloors ablaze. It’s a contagious hook that’s bound to stick in listeners‘ heads long after the track ends.

All Links & Video: Right here (click!)