Its been a while! New freestyle mix by Talawah online now!
Da one deh SLAP DIFFERENT!! 💸 OH MY!!!!!!
Brace yourself!!!!! For a never before heard blend of raw, modern dancehall vibes fused with crazy pulsating 808s and drum patterns that hit harder than Tyson in his prime! Smo & Reid with the usual Sauce, Konz with the crazy Vocals 💸

This track is a bona fide celebration of the good life, where ballers and go-getters seize every opportunity to enjoy life to the fullest. Konshens and his crew don't hold back as they paint a vivid picture of lavish nights at the club, popping bottles, surrounded by beautiful people who are just as ready to make memories as they are.

💸 "Me just blow a bag, By a mawnin I'm makin' it back" 💸
But it's not just about flaunting wealth; it's about the hustle and drive that fuels their success. Konshens lays down the truth that money is a tool, and they know how to put it to work. This powerful message resonates with anyone who understands the importance of grinding hard, making sacrifices, and reaping the rewards.
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Smo & Bay-C (TOK) LIVE on Instagram talking about their new song that's dropping in a few hours from now...
Tune in! Start: 19:15 //. 7:15PM CET // 12:15pm in Jamaica!
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Get ready to elevate your mind with this crazy collab! Smo & Bay-C created the ultimate stoner's anthem, and they're dropping it on 420. A week from today!! It'll take you on a journey through the clouds. So, light up your favorite strain and join them for a ride you won't forget. Pre-save now on Spotify!
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D4zzy meldet sich nun endlich mit seiner langersehnten LP „Pilot“ aus dem Winterschlaf zurück und manövriert die Hitze in die spärlich beheizten Wohn- und Schlafzimmer!!
Geheimtipp: Track 8 - "876" beschreibt alles ganz gut.. 🤯
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